An Introduction to Selectus

Founded in 1998, Selectus is a leading provider of salary packaging administration and fleet management services to Employers and Employees. With a growing range of innovative products available to our clients and customers, Selectus is able to offer a variety of salary packaging and novated leasing solutions to suit all work environments. By drawing on our experience, industry knowledge and networks, Selectus is able to ensure that all savings generated offer a substantial benefit and point of difference within the field of salary packaging, novated leasing and vehicle solutions for everyone.

Salary Packaging Explained

When your employer makes salary packaging available for staff, they set a menu of benefit items, such as vehicles or superannuation contributions, that Selectus can then offer to employees at your workplace.

Once you decide on the item or items to salary package, Selectus will advise your employer of how much money to set aside from your pay and for how long. These monies are then sent to Selectus so that we can make payments for your packaged items. Some payments may end up coming back to you directly for items, such as a laptop, which you may have already purchased.

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Employer Specific


Airline Lounge Membership(download - pdf)

You can salary package the cost of Airline Lounge Memberships and get reimbursed tax free from pre-tax salary

Days Unavailable(download - pdf)

If your salary packaged vehicle is not available for your use during the FBT year in some instances you can reduce either the FBT payable or the amount of post-tax dollars required to eliminate FBT

Deceased Estate Autovate by Selectus Novated Lease(download - pdf)

Providing a simple, professional and efficient approach to the process of managing a deceased estate

Deceased Estates Salary Packaged Items(download - pdf)

Providing a simple, professional and efficient approach to the process of managing a deceased estate

End of Lease and Residual Value(download - pdf)

The end of an ‘Autovate by Selectus’ Novated Lease doesn’t mean the end of the tax savings and benefits

FBT Calculations(download - pdf)

Detailed Explanation of FBT Calculations

Leaving Current Employer(download - pdf)

Benefits and savings for vehicles don’t have to be lost if you change Employers

Leave Without Pay(download - pdf)

Someone may go on Leave without Pay (LWOP) for a number of reasons including illness, injury, extended holidays, maternity or paternity leave

Motor Vehicle FBT Year End Infosheet(download - pdf)

Important Fringe Benefit Tax Year End information regarding your Salary Packaging arrangements with Selectus

Novated Lease FAQs(download - pdf)

All the important information you need to know about an ‘ Autovate by Selectus’ Novated Lease

Novated Lease Vehicle Insurance(download - pdf)

Selectus has been able to negotiate the following Insurance Covers to offer our ‘Autovate by Selectus’ Novated Lease customers

Salary Packaging FAQs(download - pdf)

All you need to know about Salary Packaging with Selectus

Superannuation(download - pdf)

Salary packaging Superannuation Contributions can be a tax effective way of increasing superannuation for retirement savings

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